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Swampscott Fire Department

Answering the Call Since 1882
76 Burrill Street, Swampscott, MA 01907
Tel: 781-595-4050 - For Emergencies, call 911

Our Mission

There are numerous ways to describe the various ways we serve Swampscott as firefighters/rescue workers. In general:

  • We work to protect residents -- and their property -- from both structural and brush fires,
  • We assist victims of life-threatening emergencies and dangerous conditions,
  • We take on the additional mission of educating members of the community (particularly children) on the topics of prevention, rescue, suppression and basic life support services (see SAFE Program ),
  • Life safety and life quality issues also arise when there is a hazardous materials incident, and so we respond to those calls as well to minimize the impact to residents, property, and the community as a whole -- in the immediate and future,
  • We are on scene at every car accident to help attend to any victims, as well as to clean up hazardous debris

In addition to our fundamental purpose of being emergency crew workers, there is also administrative needs that the department undertakes. We have the Office of Fire Prevention, which is needed to examine and authorize building construction (both residential and commercial), facilitate the state-required inspections (such as for the sale of a property), and in seeking grants for low-income or the elderly for essentials such as smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms.

The ways that the people of Swampscott need our help is not easy to describe or quantify in a few sentences.

(If you have a story that you'd like to share about how Swampscotf Firefighters helped you, email or call your information to Jennifer Bleiker at 781-789-6500, JB@town.swampscott.ma.us)

While life safety issues are at the heart of why the town retains firefighter/rescue workers, the larger mission of being the "can do" people drives most firefighters to do far more than that core mission. This website is another means for the people of Swampscott to get to know their Fire Department, its employees, the department history and its future.